iLOTTERY 4D/KENO lottery games platform in Malaysia that should not be missed

Malaysia’s online casino 4D bet provides the best lottery settings for betting fans. We are dedicated to creating the ultimate lottery platform and providing the best quality games to all players. The iLottery/KENO platform is a favourite of many betting fans. We have partnered with 7 well-known lottery companies to provide players with a better service and more selections. You can get better odds and more types of gameplays at i8.BET's exclusive iLottery/KENO game hall!


Unique features of iLOTTERY/KENO Lotto Betting Platform

iLottery/KENO game hall has multiple betting methods such as 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and others. You can select to bet on Dawan, Xiaowan, and the grand prize. A variety of different lottery gameplays is provided from single word, full insurance, full package, round-trip, and others. The diversified betting gameplay is loved by many players. The entertainment value of the game can be increased through trying various gameplays and it will greatly enhance the chance of winning. Betting fans who can’t live without the lottery will habitually think of a set of lottery numbers from anything they see or things that are related to the numbers. Some betting fans will analyze their dreams and predict the lottery numbers according to the happenings in the dream. No matter which method you use, I hope it will bring you luck and increase your chance of winning!


What lottery betting types does iLOTTERY/KENO offer?

(1) 3D/4D bet

When you enter 3D/4D bet, you can freely choose your betting number and select the betting method of Dawan, Xiaowan, grand prize, etc. Then, complete the bet by selecting from the diverse gameplay of 3D/4D and your preferred lottery company from 7 well-known lottery companies. It is extremely quick and convenient!

 (2) 5D/6D bet

Upon entering the 5D/6D bet, you can freely select your preferred betting number and the betting amount. Do not miss out on our 5D/6D bet as it comes with exciting gameplay and unpredictable number games that can satisfy your betting desire!


 Introduction to the special features of iLOTTERY/KENO lottery game hall

Bet records

The gameplay of iLottery/KENO's is simple yet diversified, making players can’t stop loving them. Players can view their bet records immediately after they make a bet!

Profit and loss

iLottery/KENO provides players with the best game quality. Players can use the profit and loss function to check their daily betting records at any time.


Get more bonuses now at iLOTTERY/KENO Lotto Game Hall!

Lottery is one of the most popular leisure entertainments in Malaysia. Go to your personal profile at i8.BET's iLottery/KENO to check on the latest betting results and try your luck at Dawan betting odds up that payout up to RM3400 and Xiaowan betting odds which payout up to RM4800! i8.BET iLottery/KENO offers the most popular lottery betting methods. With the diversified gameplays and simple betting method, you no longer have to travel to different lottery companies to place your bets. You just need to slightly move your fingers around to place bets in the Asian online casino. Multiple lottery companies fulfilling your satisfaction all at once!


GB (Globe Betting), another great lottery game platform

Besides iLottery/KENO lottery game hall, there are other exciting lottery games halls that allow you to experience different types of lottery games! We recommend you the GB Lotto lottery entertainment platform. GB lottery game company was founded in 2013. The main game products are the two biggest professional lottery games, KENO and Lottery. In addition to the multiple lottery games, GB also provides players with multiple gameplay. It allows players to bet multiple games at the same time without changing the game. GB also has the highest odds and simplest betting method in Malaysia.

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